Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here it is!

Well, here it is!  My first blog post!

Not that anyone out there is going to read this, however.  But, in my never ending desire for blatant self promotion...all for the good of the Great American Brew Trail, of course.....I've been told that this might be a good idea.  We shall see.

Now that being said, this could be like a diary.  The deepest and darkest secrets of the girl who drinks beer on TV.  It might read something like this:

Today, I actually took a shower, cause I had to.   I put on my whore makeup.  I drank some beer.  On TV.  I drank some more beer.  Not on TV.

OK, I'm just kidding.  Maybe I'll use this to show you all how crazy my life seems to be when I'm not drinking beer on TV....and share my love of beer, food, friends and family with you all at the same time.  So enjoy my musings little ones, and hopefully this will be just one more step in the long line to second season!

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