Culinary Classes with Amy!

Love food but need help?  A pro in the kitchen, but you really want me to show you how to hold a knife?  Just want to have a fun evening out?  or in?

My classes are fun, hands on culinary experiences about a range of topics and cuisines.  You get tons of knowledge, a huge meal, recipes to take home, and one on one time with me.  

What some of my students have said about my classes:

"I loved every single one of the recipes, and look forward to taking future classes!"
"a wonderful way to spend an evening, plus I learned many new cooking tips"
"We really enjoyed Amy's class and tips and her bubbly personality!"
"Another great class with Amy! She's my fave teacher!"

Classes can be held at your home, at your church, school or business, or, if you ask really nicely, in my personal kitchen.  We can tailor the class to your needs, whether it is basic cooking skills, advanced baking, team building, or whatever strikes your fancy.  Let's work together creating great food soon!

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