Culinary Adventures with Amy!

Culinary Adventures

With my partners at Hungry Village Tours, I'm pleased to offer exceptional culinary tours overseas for incredible people.  If you love food, want to travel, love behind the scenes, like exclusive events....all while relaxing and enjoying some of the most amazing places on earth, come join me!

Currently planning 2014...How does Prague sound for beer?  Or touring the Cinque Terre in Italy?  Interested to learn more, please contact me!

Last year's trip to the  Amalfi Coast, Italy.  A week in paradise, complete with exclusive cooking classes at Eolo.

And dinner in a private home, learning the real meaning of  Slow Food.
Lot's of tips from us!
Learning how to hand make gnocchi was unforgettable!

+David Geen from Hungry Village Tours made sure everything was perfect!


  1. Planning next year's trip right now....Prague for sure in the, history, culture, food, more beer...and plenty of fun! You just get to relax and enjoy, while David and I take care of everything!

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    1. We are finalizing prices right now, but it will probably be around $3,000. I'll keep you updated! Hope you are doing good Tara!