Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Beer Fest 2014, My List

My Top Tastes at Winter Beer Fest 2014

Christmas + Super Bowl = Winter Beer Fest
While many, many people were disappointed this year with the ticketing process for Winter Beer Fest (myself included), if you got a golden ticket, you are one excited person right now.  Beer Fest is TOMORROW...and I know that I feel like it's Christmas Eve.  If you aren't going, be sure to check out the many events that are happening around town (the brewer's breakfasts at Brewery Vivant and Logan's Alley would be my picks), or pick up some Michigan beer on sale this week at +D&W Fresh Market .

These are the beers that I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I have never had a plan at Beer Fest, I always just kind of go with the flow, hit the shortest line, try something totally new, or visit my brewing friends and have them pick.  There's a little bit of all of this in my list.  Have fun tomorrow!  Say hi if you see me!  And get a ride home!

Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company-Peach Gruit
-Head brewer Kim loves to share the story of Gruit, and brews up a couple different styles to show his love.  Not only is Kim super fun to hang out with (you can see the evidence above of us laughing our heads off at Summer Beer Fest), but his Peach Gruit tastes just like summer.  Fruit beers aren't always my favorite, but this one is so fresh and downright peachy that it will be just the thing to shake off tomorrows chill.  The real treat, however, is to get to talk gruits with Kim!

Tapistry Brewery- ANYTHING because I haven't been there yet, and that is a shame!  But I might go for the Dubbel Standard with candy sugar.  Let me know what to try here!

Greenbush Brewing- Vanderbush with Vandermill's Cider
-Love love love +Greenbush Brewing Co  (here's Scott and me), anything they make is delish.  I like this collaborative beer/cider hybrid.  I think hybrid beers are a new trend, with cider and even wine in the mix.  Interesting and different, get in line for anything from these guys EARLY as they will have long ones, with good reason.

Falling Down Beer Co.- Ninja Chicken
-A beer I got to try with +John Gonzalez on our search for Michigan's Best Brewery, but haven't had since.  There are LOTS of smaller breweries that don't distribute, or don't distribute where you live.  Beer Fest is chance to revisit favorites, or try something not available here.  Check these guys out, and note that NO chickens were harmed in the making of this beer.

New Holland Brewing Company- Blackbeerd's Sweet Potato Stout
-This beer just sounds weird.  Reason alone to try it!

@Wolverine Brewing Company-Gulo Gulo IPL
-From my friend the Beer Wench (pictured above) comes a unique offering.  An India Pale LAGER.  If you know anything about beer, you know that running an all lager brewery is CRAZY, at least financially.  I love the clean crisp taste of their beers, and since they are not widely available yet on the west side of the state, I can't wait to have my favorite tomorrow.  And hang with the WENCH.

Witch's Hat-anything barrel aged
-When +John Gonzalez  and I were on the tour, we loved the different barrel aged beers that Witch's Hat offered.  Especially after we saw the size of their aging room/ brewing facitlity/ brew pub.  Who says you need a lot of space to make great beers?  Not this brewery!

+Kuhnhenn Brewing Co LLC - DRIPA
-Kuhnehenn is also not readily available (yet) on this side of the state.  And their beers are carefully crafted, amazingly awesome, delicious beers.  The DRIPA they served us on our search haunts me to this day, it was one of my all time favorites.  Can't wait to have it again!

So there it is!  It's a very personal list...hitting up my friends, old favorites, new tastes, and beers I can't get here in GR.  And if I actually make it to these beers, it will be a miracle.  You'll find me with these two chicka's, my sis and my BFF, and we tend to get distracted, get laughing, get talking....and the next thing you know, we don't know what's what.  But that's the fun of Beer Fest: great beers, great friends, great weather!

See you tomorrow!

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