Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday, Boozeday! Beer cocktails with Amy, every Tuesday!


Beer cocktails with Amy, every Tuesday!

So I couldn't find a picture of a margarita in my files, but I DID find a picture of my two favorite ladies to DRINK margaritas with.  We've indulged all over the country, and in Mexico on a hair raising trip that we unanimously agree was the dumbest (and funnest) thing we have ever done.  If I'm going to have one at home, I really prefer the BEER-RITA.  The beer cuts the alcohol (and I'm not being facetious).  With something as cloying as sour mix, and strong as tequila, adding a beer, full of carbonation, cuts the strength, the sugar, and the booze, with something a little lighter, and makes the whole drink much more refreshing.  Any light lager is going to work, you don't want any bold flavors  to compete with the drink.  This is honestly when I clean out my fridge, and get rid of any swill beers that rogue friends have brought by.  If I had to buy a beer to make these, the new Cerveza de Julie from +Short's Brewing Company, with it's hint of lime, would be perfect.  Now I could squeeze my own limes, and make syrup, but let's face it, it's summer!  I'm lazy!  Keep it easy!

 1 can frozen limeade
-Dump this into your pitcher.

Fill the can up with 
-1 can tequila (nothing fancy)
-1/2 can triple sec

Stir this up with the limeade.

Pour in one beer.

Serve this crazy concoction over tons of ice, sprinkle some salt on the top, maybe float a lime slice.

Dream of Mexico.  But not of that crazy bus trip that we thought we were going to die on.

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