Thursday, September 19, 2013


It is nice to see that some things never change.  Three years after visiting Short’s to film our pilot episode, I get to return with the crew from Mlive. The pub is pretty much the same, with a new bar in the stage room, and the same crowds of fans around it as before.

The lure of Short’s beer is legendary.  Owner Joe Short has always had a Michigan Stimulas plan in action.  Short’s beers are incredibly popular, and Joe gets “about 100” messages a day about bringing their beer to places all over the country.  Joe always responds, if you want to get my beer, why don’t you come here ?  And come here they do, with block buster crowds all through the summer, and now the locals have come back in throngs, all to try their unique beers.

And the beers....the beers....the beers!  As a total beer geek, this place is
your wet dream.  Over 20 different taps are all focused on great solid beer styles, some of them with a crazy twist.  And that is what makes Short’s a special place.  Joe Short is an abnormal genius, in all the best sense of the word.  He takes a true brewer’s knowledge, honed after years of brewing all over the state.  And takes that knowledge and brews inspired beers that can surprise and amaze with every sip.

The team at Short's has hand crafted a truly unique bar, with seats from a school bus up front, communal tables to eat at, a stage for local bands, and 20 different taps of some of the most unique beers in Michigan. Noisy, lively, friendly, this pub is THE place to be in Bellaire.

Short's beers are creative, interesting and definately different.  With crazy names like Alien Einstien for a gluten free lager, to OMGWTFBBQ for an insane smoky BBQ beer, there are beers here that are going to blow your mind.  Flagship beers that you can get around the state, like the intensely hoppy Humalupalicious, or the malty Bellaire Brown are just as stellar as always.

This is a place that you can't help but have fun at.  The food was traditional pub grub with a twist, just enough to keep it interesting.  The signature White Pepper sandwich would have been pedestrian if not for the smoky chipotle mayo they added.  Solid choices all around.  Between the different beers, lively atmosphere, and great food, Short's is popular for good reasons.

Short's Beers
-Huma, Shorts flagship IPA, it's even better at the pub
-Gone Commando, only available at the pub, is a Vienna style lager brewed with black currants.  Great color, amazing crisp taste with just a hint of fruit at the end.
-Alien Einstein a low gluten option (they can't say gluten free) that had a greatflavor.  Joe said they use a special enzyme in the brewing process that pulls the gluten out.  And it actually tasted great!

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  1. I'm going to have to try this place out! Loving it has 20 beers on tap! Whhhhhat!

    Kristin xx